Jesse Cogollo

Software Developer


About Me

Software Developer with deep technical knowledge and over eight years of professional experience designing and building enterprise solutions. Furthermore, I'm a professional who enjoys sharing knowledge; Currently, I'm one of the co-organizers of JSConf Colombia, a JavaScript Conference, and MedellinJS, a local community focused on Javascript ecosystem programming language. In addition, I would describe myself as a passionate, pragmatic software developer, and I consider myself a team player, which allows me to have good professional relations with my co-workers.

Professional experience


Feb 2019 - Present


Sep 2016 - Feb 2019


Jun 2016 - Aug 2016


Aug 2014- May 2016

Senior Fullstack Developer

La Haus (Medellín, Colombia)

  • La Haus is a Colombian StartUp focused on the LATAM real estate market. As a full-stack software developer, One of my main accomplishments was separating the Client-side from the Backend-side in one of the projects, improving development cycle code, and allowing the project to work as a template for new products.
  • Another primary responsibility was to update one package needed to build the CI/CD pipeline, leading a team to complete the task and improve the development time by at least 40%.
  • Technologies: NodeJS, VueJS, NuxtJS, TailwindCSS, Heroku, AWS, Cypress, Jest, postgresql

Backend Developer

Advice Local (Dallas, USA)

  • Advice Local is a company focused on SEO for small companies. I focused on building microservices with NodeJS on AWS lambdas to connect our product with third-party directories and search engines. I also got to create some scripts to manipulate data in CSV, XML files.
  • Technologies: NodeJS, AWS Lambdas, AvaJS, MongoDB

Software Developer

Paid Up (Formerly Convenience Select) (Austin, USA)

  • Paid Up was a startUp focused on the fintech market. My central role was to build the product API
  • Technologies: NodeJS, MongoDB, AvaJS

Software developer

Talos Digital (Medellín, Colombia)

  • Talos Digital is a nearshore company. Part of my contributions to the team was creating the API; another primary responsibility was building the integration with Stripe and Magento API.
  • Technologies: NodeJS, ExpressJS, MongoDB